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HH: Touki Hirona by asahirureiko
HH: Touki Hirona


name : Touki Hirona

age  : 18

gender  : Female

date of  birth : April 30

s t a r  s i g n : Taurus

b l o o d t y p e  :  O

h e i g h t : 165 cm

 p e r s o n a l i t y: 

  * Headstrong * Confident * Logic thinker * Tries hard to be polite * Easily agitated * Active outdoors * Persistent * Stubborn * Easily annoyed * TsunTsun dere chan * 


  * Root beer (very) * reading * hiking * singing(without anyone she knows around) * historical and scientific works * work * fashion * music

  * slobs * busybodies * overly clingy people * being interrupted

brief biography:

Born in Tokyo and lived there for most of her childhood. The circumstances of her upbringing is a little strange than most. While she is the member of a respectable main branch family, she was adopted in by her aunt, while her birth parents were left cut off, a price they had to pay for embezzling money and were imprisoned. Hirona didn't know of this until she was older, in which she rather resentfully denounced her parents for what they had done. This left the girl feeling detached from her family in general and just worked hard to get her own footing in life without the thought of her blood parents overshadowing her future due to the tainted reputation. Her family saw potential in her and therefore started to focus on her well being even more.

She joined Hoshizora High during her first year but only remained there for a couple of months before she was forced to leave, much to her carnage, dragged to England by her family who wanted to broaden her education and awareness, things deemed important for her chance to be heir to the family's long standing career in business. After nearly two years, she decided to return to Japan due to some personal issues and enrolled in Hoshizora High as a 3rd year. She appears to feel that due to her sudden departure from the school, she has some unfinished business with it. ..... and after all the school is reputed as an elite school which she feels befits her.  

subject: Astronomy

homeroom: 3-B

club:  Student Council 

sports: Gymnastics

- Speaks fluent english and does so if she has a chance to converse it with another english speaker.
- Took up some spanish and french during her time abroad.
- Really likes root beer. She even smells of root beer.
- Used to earn extra pocket money by singing at cafes in England. 
- Likes to write articles.
- Does not believe in the paranormal (skeptic)
- Adventurous outdoors, goes hiking and climbing whenever possible. 
- Her family consists of business people and lawyers. 

[YowaPeda] Toudou by asahirureiko
[YowaPeda] Toudou
Quick thing I did in between assignments. Guess what sucked my life. 

Toudou Jinpachi @ Yowamushi Pedal ~
COMIC FIESTA MINI 2014 by asahirureiko
So, me and :iconedenized: will be at Comic Fiesta Mini this year in Penang~! Please do come by for a visit or to grab some stuff from us <3


Stephanie Reiko
Artist | Student | Varied

Currently studying at The One Academy Penang under Illustration diploma.
Am trying to improve a little by a little.
It's November and it's high time I get commissions rolling again. Living expenses are getting more expensive these days so I decided to reopen commissions with updated samples as well as options.

Please bear in mind that I am a full time student and therefore will take time to work on each commission as I don't shrink from quality in my paid works.
The links below contain my samples for my commissions. Thank you! 

Run down on commission lists:

  • Chibi SKETCH: USD$5  (per add chara + USD$3)
  • Clean Lineart BUST: USD$10 (per add chara + USD$5)
  • Simple Shade SKETCH BUST: USD$12 (per add chara + USD$6)
  • Simple Shade SKETCH FULLBODY: USD$15 (per add chara + USD$10)
  • Chibi: USD$15 (per add chara + USD$10)
  • Bust: USD$18 (per add chara + USD$14)
(At the moment there is no open slot for fullbody colour due to time management.)

Thick lines:
Sketchy Thick Line art is the style I use mainly in traditional live sketching. It's a more free drawing style which is quicker to execute. I'm offering a digital version mimicking traditional medium with this style. (Inspired from reading too much Natsume Ono) 

  • Black White FULLBODY: USD$6 (per add chara + USD$3)
  • Coloured FULLBODY: USD$10 (per add chara + USD$5)

What I will/can draw:
  • Fan characters/Original characters (i.e: Your pokemon trainer with their pokemon team etc)
  • Fanservice/Suggestive/BL/GL/Softcore
  • Work best with Humanoid characters. 
What I won't draw:
  • Fan Art of official characters (excluding pokemon /digimon )
  • Porno
  • Mechas
Programs used: Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop.

Commission Guideline:

  • When you wish to commission me, please send a dA NOTE to me with the title "Commission", stating which commission style you wish to order as well as the refs to the characters you want me to draw. I will go through them before giving you a response. Bear in mind that I would ask questions of your characters personality in order to get an idea of what to do in a commission. If you're able to give a description and visual aid of the character, it will be very convenient.
  • Once I have replied to your note agreeing to your commission, I will provide you with my PayPal. Important! Please ensure that your payment is for SERVICES. I will only start working on your commission once I received either a full payment or a half payment of the total sum. If I receive half payment, I will request the remaining sum to be paid before I give you your copy of your commission.
  • After I have completed your commission, I will send you the full size JPG.
These commissions are PERSONAL commissions, not for commercial use. I retain the rights to all my artworks and will post them in my gallery with watermarks (unless you request secrecy for example, a gift to someone).

Commission Slots OPEN:
(I will work on my commissions on a first come first serve basis and only proceed to next commission after the first one is completed.)

1  (Anon - PAID - COMPLETED) 
2 :iconzue: (PAID - WIP)

:3 Thank you for considering! Signal boost is appreciated! Feel free to NOTE me questions if you're uncertain about things.
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Base ball Bear - Changes
  • Reading: Amato Amaro - Basso

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