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Stephanie (A) Reiko
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A starry night sky by asahirureiko
A starry night sky
Painting environments like these are fun. This is a revamp spreadpage for a local comic challenge which I decided to join few months back. 21 pages in total tho this is probably the only colour page (if I'm not pressed for time) I feel like I overworked on this with all the bling a bling. 

And how is everyone? It has been a long time since I updated too. At this time I have only just arrived home after spending 2 months abroad visiting family. Hopefully I can submit more artwork now. 
Touken Ranbu: Cashew Nut Yam Cake by asahirureiko
Touken Ranbu: Cashew Nut Yam Cake
i.e Kashuu and Yamato from Touken Ranbu

I have been very quiet lately, but will most probably update that in journal soon. Stay tune for more work from me~!

Touken Ranbu @ Nitro+
Symphoria: Jacques Vorvue 2.0 by asahirureiko
Symphoria: Jacques Vorvue 2.0

Name:Jacques Dietrich Vorvue

A.K.A: The Earl of Vorvue, Jacques, Jac, Vorvue, Lieutenant Vorvue




Hometown: Allegro Premiere





Avona: Two-handed Swordblade, summonable.

Jac has a small diamond gemstone implanted into his palm that acts as the medium to call his swordblade. It is not visible as it's inside his hand.


+ Sonic Boom:  His swordblade 'sings' letting out a sonic boom that is used to confuse and temporarily stun foes. Limited uses as it stresses the weapon.

+ Palm Burn: Using either his Dark/Fire/Lightning magic, he is able to built it up with the gem in his palm and when grasping a target, uses the magic to inflict damage.


STR 5 30   -35

DEF 5 15  - 20

SPD 5 5  - 10

MAG 5 5  - 10

ACC 5 7  - 12

STA 5 18 - 23


+ Fire : 4

+ Water : 0

+ Earth : 5

+ Lightning : 3

+ Wind : 3

+ Plant : 0

+ Ice : 0

+ Light : 0

+ Dark : 5

Likes:Tea, training, sweet things

Dislikes:snotty cowardly nobles, extremely fussy people.


Very friendly and outgoing, takes a philosophy of living in the moment. Fairly disciplined when he has to, especially in official matters but can still have that quirky nature of poking fun into things. Likes to tease people and joke around. Due to his training and involvement as a soldier, doesn’t easily get scared. Fairly unnoble like when in a situation that allows it. Very hardworking and at times a bit rash too. He can be at times a bit too confident in himself.


After two years more of being in the post of Allegretto Division leader, many things have changed with Jacques’ behaviour. For one, he had grown serious with his work, a more sure decision maker and gotten more mature in dealing with situations. While he still pranks his subordinates from time to time, the childish side of him appeared to have mellowed and he finally accepted his leadership role.

He has grown more rash when it comes to fights, especially those in close combat but that stems from his growing confidence of himself and improved skill. A relatively laid back man unless you really step on his toes.

Fighting style:

Rash fighting style is what comes natural to this man, couple with the fact that he is also military trained which means he knows a great deal of utilizing whatever opportunities and skills at his disposal to get the job done. Focuses a lot on power and resilience, as well as a stubborn streak.

History: (You may skip this cause TL: DR)

Childhood -

Jacques is a member of the Symphorian royal family, specifically, he is the third son of the King’s elder brother, making him one of the possible successors to the throne. Whilst born to such an immediate position to the royals proves to be an advantage, it was not completely devoid of difficulties.

His training into the world of nobility started at a very young age. The earliest memories he had when he was toddler, in which he was given toy soldiers, but they weren’t meant for play. Those toy soldiers would be the tool he was told to work on strategies with and that pretty much defines his early childhood.

As mention, Jacques was not the only child, for he had two older brothers and a younger sister. They were Thomas, Theodore and Anna. While growing up, he watched as his brothers went through the strict regimen that their parents had provided for them. Their father, Prince Albert, bitter at the fact that he was not selected as heir to the throne by his own father, spent the next years cultivating for one of his own to ascend instead. Some rumours were whispered that Prince Albert’s mind was slipping, said to be a curse or a prevailing illness that had plagued the innermost part of the royalty. Despite this, no one would dare to reprimand the prince of his ways, which ended up in the deaths of his children, save for Jacques. Many nasty rumours were spread of the possibility that those heavy responsibilities had caused the children to suicide but that was shut down as quickly as it surfaced. In truth, while the children were pushed to be more than they were at that age, but their deaths were mainly due illness. Jacques was spared from the untimely death, however, the passing of his siblings set a grave light over the young mind. He could not trust anyone within his household, save for his nanny who acted more of a mother to him than his own.

Military -

By a certain age, a noble is expected to take part in military training and Jacques was no different. At 14, he was sent to live at the military cadet dormitory. Being someone who was of high status and also a shut-in, many of his fellow cadets found it very difficult to approach the boy and Jacques spent his early part of cadet days alone. Things started changing when he was paired with another young boy, George, for a sparring session.

George was a low class noble, yet he was deemed one of the most popular cadets, mainly due to his friendly and cheerful personality. Jacques had always envied George’s ability but never really gotten the chance to speak to him, until one fateful time in which he was paired up with the boy for practice spars. A friendship grew from that which quickly escalated in a brotherhood. At the end of his two year stint in the army, Jacques would return to service, feeling himself more at home and free with his fellow comrades-in-arms than his family.

Times were relatively peaceful in Symphoria, aside from Mute attacks which were mainly handled by the Divisions, but it was not to last. Bandits were gaining great foothold over a certain part of Symphoria at the base of Toccata Mountains, which were of deep concern for the safety of Allegro Premiere. Due to the height of Mute attacks and disruptions, the military sent a lieutenant with a platoon to beat those bandits into submission - only to discover that it was not a mere bandit nuisance. The bandits were upscaled with weapons and seemed to have a coordination going on that meant they were of greater danger and thus the platoon did everything they could to defeat the enemy but the numbers were overwhelming, causing them to send word back to the capital for aid. Shortly after the message was sent, the bandits had got together explosives and were hurling them at the platoon. Many fell under the sudden barrage and George, in his bid to save his best friend, managed to get in between Jacques and the bomb, taking the direct hit and losing his life whilst Jacques, hurled away by the force, was left with a damaged left eye.

Once help arrived, the bandits were finally taken down but it was too late for the young men who died due to the military’s underestimation of the enemy. After a couple of months in recover, Jacques would return to serve, keeping in mind the trauma of the tragedy but he would use it to move on in his life.

Division Leader -

After several strong years with the military, Lieutenant Jacques was called by the King to pick up a duty of utmost importance - the leading of Allegretto Division within the heart of the capital. The Diminuendo leader, Dimitrios was the one helping to head it upon the untimely departure of Kaven, former Allegretto leader, but the King found that such a burden of task for Dimitrios was too distracting and decided that a proper replacement should be made. Although refusing at first, considering how tied he was with the military, he was pretty much overruled. Jacques was 24 when he accepted the task of heading a Division. He found that Divisions don’t really work the same way standard military does, and after some bumping around, he got his groove.

It was during that time in which he worked together with Aaralyn Malia, the officer turned Vice-Leader for Allegretto and they appeared to be greatly capable of working together. While it appears to be clear of his actions towards her that his feelings was no longer platonic, he chose to let her decide how things would be between them.

While serving as Allegretto’s leader, he had been known to encounter difficulties from both nobles and military personnel, some feeling that he was not worth the mantle of the office he held position of and also demoting himself from the status of a military man.

+ currently in a relationship with a little brown thing from his office 
+ In good relations with his cousins, the prince and princesses of Symphoria
+ Reads a great deal and is keen on geography
+ Plays pranks on his fellow division members
+ Dimitrios of Diminuendo used to be his tuition teacher
+ Proud of his sword
+ Is partially blind in his left eye. 
+ Had decided to move out of his home and bought a place closer to the Division HQ
+ His nanny, Abby, still visits him once in a while to make sure he is still breathing


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